Tell Newsguru what kinds of stories you want in English

by | Jul 31, 2023

By Newsguru Founder – Marcie Terman

Part of the elegance of generative AI is that we are not limited in how we communicate instructions to the model. In fact, the more information you provide, the better the results you will usually achieve.

We were sitting around the virtual watercooler in the company discord the other day and talking about how Newsguru was tasked to ‘learn’ about a client’s business so that it could seek out appropriate news stories as the basis for the content it provided.

The point came up that the information on a client’s website was useful as it would provide some direction as to what kind of business the company was doing, but this was not the best resource to let the AI know what ideas it should use for stories.

To put this in perspective, if you sell property, it might be useful to have stories about houses, apartments or business premises for sale. But it would be far more useful for the AI to be on the look out for stories about changes in the economy that would affect mortgage rates, construction issues, changes to property law or even decorating, remodelling and landscaping.

We realized that we should give our customers the opportunity to talk directly to the model and direct it to look for the kinds of stories they want for their business content. So now if you go into the set-up mode for Newsguru, you will not only find a way to enter the address of your business website and key phrases, you are also given a field where you can tell the model the kind of information you want it to look for. The same admonition applies to my previous blog on key phrases – DO NOT be too specific. Try to imagine information your potential customers would be interested in, instead of telling the AI what your company does. And remember, you can always go into the setup dialogue to change the types of stories the AI is publishing for you. Newsguru will make your communications more efficient by helping you create engaging content for your website, but you remain completely in control at all times.