Effortlessly elevate your reputation with Creativeguru’s free social media posting service

Our cutting edge technology takes the work out of creating the consistent communication needed to build your social media presence. Select the type of news your audience craves, create your posting schedule and you’re set.

Social Media Engagement Drives Business

Why is Social Media important?

Recent reports published by the ODM Group and IDC show that three quarters of consumer and B2B purchases are influenced by Social Media. This critical part of the communication landscape is no longer just about brand awareness. Social media has become an indispensable tool for directly generating sales.

What should I Post?

Regular posting is only part of the story. What you post matters just as much. People love to read anecdotes. People also enjoy being intrigued and entertained. Topical stories relevant to your industry are genuinely useful. If its ‘of the minute’, that commands immediate attention.

Keeping a balance that is content heavy and light on advertisement  will be more effective in the long run in generating business.

Do I need to post regularly?

Surveys show that businesses that post with regularity are more trusted by their customers. Regular posting of good quality content positions you in people’s minds as an expert and if the content is useful to your followers it makes the audience receptive to your messaging.

How do I find the ideas to post?

Posting more than once a day is recommended. But the challenge of writing even one meaningful post every day is a time consuming commitment. Creativeguru Social fills that gap by extracting ideas from the daily industry news cycle. Every day Creativeguru Social posts unique content that will increase your audience and build your reputation as an expert.

Why do I need Creativeguru Social?

Uniquely Crafted Posts

All of our posts are unique to you. Drawing from a standard category news article we then create a well written summary drawing out the key posts and encouraging the readers to engage. No other customer will have the same summary which will be tailored to you specifically.


A Large Library of Subjects to meet your needs.

Everyone’s target audience is unique and your posts need to match the needs of your audience. Creativeguru Social has over 100 categories to chose from. Whether you want the latest cryptocurrency posts, posts on Wellness or UK Sport, Creativeguru Social has you covered. Simply choose the best category for you and get an endless stream of original content.

Best of all, you can choose from more than one channel giving your followers varied content to read.

Customised for each Channel

Each summary is written with the release media in mind. X posts are short and pithy designed to draw people in; LinkedIn, slightly longer at 300 words giving more insightful comments while Facebook posts average 500 words and draw in additional information.

All designed to maximise the reach and generate new audience.

Newsguru integration for custom news Channels

If our extensive range of pre-curated channels don’t provide quite the right mix for your social media posts then why not sign-up for a Newsguru account. There you can curate your own channels and make them hold exactly the right mix for your specific audience. With added benefits like regular articles everyday which you can add to your blog site Newsguru, combined with Creativeguru Social provides an unbeatable combination.

How does Creativeguru Social work?

Setup as easy as 1-2-3

First. Register your account at https://socialapp.creativeguru.ai
Once registered follow a simple three step process for each social media account you link to.

Step 1. Select the Social media channel you want to post on – don’t worry, you can add others as you go.
Step 2. Decide if you want us to automatically generate and post 1, 2, or 3 posts a day for that channel.
Step 3. Select the type of content you want from our library of over 100 content types.

That’s all there is to it – start experiencing the benefits of regular posting of quality content to your social media accounts.


How does Creativeguru Social Generate Posts

Our systems pull in news feeds 24×7 scouring the world for new, interesting information. When we find this information it is broken down into individual items of knowledge that are cross-referenced and verified. Once verified this information is collated by subject matter and high quality articles are created. 

These articles then form the basis of your social media posts. The article is analysed and summarised in a compelling form using our Generative AI and a unique post is created for you. This post, while using the same article as a basis, will be different to any other user of the service – unique to your channel.

What Happens Next?

Depending upon how many posts you have selected you will get the following automatically generated:
1 post – A new post will be generated at 16:00 GMT and posted to your social media channel.
2 posts – New posts will be created at 08:00 GMT and 16:00 GMT.
3 posts – New posts will be generated at 08:00, 12:00, and 16:00 GMT
Don’t worry if you see an article that you would like to post manually – simply select the post option from the article list and a post will be generated to match the article and immediately posted to your channel. You can do that as many time with as many articles as you choose. Best of all – the automatic curator knows if you have already posted a summary from an article and won’t publish the same story again.

Why not just post the Article? - Its all about uniqueness.

Newcomers to Social Media will often look for interesting articles then post a link to these articles on their social media channel. The social media channels display a nice thumbnail, title and link to the original article and you think – job done.

Unfortunately under the hood the social media channel will treat you very differently compared to posts that have original content. Your ‘reach’ (number of people who see the post) will be much lower. Test it out yourself, use Creativeguru Social to post to your LinkedIn account then do another post consisting of just an article link. After a day or two check the number of impressions of the posts – its not unusual to see the CreativeGuru Social post have 5 time, even 10 times the number of impressions compared to the simple article post – the simple reason, LinkedIn AI rewards original content and shows it to more people – higher reach equates to more followers, simple as that.

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