Introduces Revolutionary Article Library for AI-Powered News Generation

by | Jun 27, 2023

London, 26 June 2023 –, the trailblazing AI-driven news generation platform, unveils its game-changing Article Library feature. This powerful addition extends the reach and value of the innovative NewsGuru service. With an unlimited library, solidifies its position as a leader in AI-generated content. The Article Library allows customers to store, share, reuse, and post uniquely crafted articles across non-WordPress sites.

By expanding its service beyond WordPress, Newsguru’s Article Library opens up a world of possibilities for businesses on any Content Management System (CMS). Now, companies can seamlessly integrate NewsGuru’s real-time, AI-generated news content, without any limitations.

Leveraging advanced AI technology, NewsGuru’s platform scans daily news feeds for relevant stories. These stories are broken down into distinct knowledge packets, which fuel generative AI models to produce compelling and bespoke articles, tailored to each customer’s website. All these unique articles are conveniently accessible from the user’s personal Article Library, serving as a valuable content reservoir for multi-platform distribution. This empowers customers to maximize their brand authority and fully leverage the impact of the NewsGuru service.

“The launch of the Article Library addresses the feedback we received from prospective NewsGuru clients who desired access to our service beyond WordPress. Our development team swiftly transformed this requirement into a production-ready solution in less than one week,” explained Marcie Terman, Director of Communications at Newsguru. “Our competence, speed, and dedication to customer needs distinguish us in the industry, setting NewsGuru apart from other AI companies in the content creation space.”

Gavin Smith, NewsGuru advisor, emphasized, “This marks an important milestone in our mission to democratize access to advanced AI-powered news generation.”

Newsguru’s unwavering commitment to enhancing user experience and expanding their service offerings represents a paradigm shift in how businesses harness the power of AI technology for content generation.
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