Google, other search engines and AI

by | Aug 2, 2023

By Newsguru Founder – Marcie Terman

The question has come up from our customers about how Google’s algorithms class content generated by AI?

Google is not against the general concept of using AI to generate content. What they are strongly against is low quality content that is created simply by remixing someone else’s work. So, someone throwing an existing article into Bard or ChatGPT and then letting the AI swirl the words around a bit, spitting them out in a slightly different order would be classed as negative.

Here is a link to their policy document – it makes interesting reading because it clarifies their position which is quite pragmatic.

The way works classes the material created by the model squarely in line with what google is trying to encourage in the market. Newsguru takes a subject from a piece of news that it pulls from the web or a news feed. It breaks down the story into ‘knowledge shards’ which are used for further research and cross referencing. Part of the reason it does it is to ‘fact check’ data from more than one source. But it also researches the article so that genuinely new content is created. Newsguru writes an entirely new piece of SEO optimized content based on what it has learned about the company using the software. This is completely within the guidelines published by google and the result would therefore be highly rated.