5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Key Phrase Selection

by | Sep 28, 2023

Newsguru’s AI takes topical information from the news cycle generated by your industry and uses that as the basis to create daily content. It then acts as the Omni-Channel Communications Hub distributing that information across all communications channels – email, web and social networks.

Central to getting the most out of your NewsGuru account is successful key phrase selection. Newsguru uses key phrases to find the types of stories that are going to get the attention of your target audience This guide includes 5 useful tips to guide you through the process of successful Key Phrase selection.

Tip 1. Identify your Audience: Think about what kinds of stories are going to be of interest to your audience. What are they going to be interested in and concerned about. Select key phrases that are relevant to the kind of news and information your audience will find engaging and valuable. For instance, if you sell vitamins, health supplements or wellness products then topics like Dietary Supplements or Natural Remedies is likely to generate stories that your audience is interested in. Avoid product specific phrases like “Are protein powders important?”, use industry terms such as “muscle building,” “supplements, vitamins and minerals” instead.

Tip 2. Think Topical: Instead of focusing on key phrases that will sell your product or service directly, choose key phrases that revolve around topics of interest to your audience. The idea is to provide engaging content that is indirectly tied into your offering. If you are a performer that creates balloon animal sculptures for parties your potential customers are going to be interested in “party planning” “event planning” even things like “weather” or party food and drink recipes might be good areas to get your client’s attention.

Tip 3. Look at the Competition: Review websites that attract a similar audience or those you see as competitors. What kind of key phrases are they using to attract and engage their audience? Do some search engine research to see what terms Google or Bing suggest. This will become a source of inspiration. When you identify the key phrases then think topically about a news subject that captures it. If your competitors are focussing on Chat GPT (which is quite specific) then use a key phrase like “Artificial Intelligence.” Not only will there be more articles to choose from to build your blog channel, you will be creating features of interest to your clients and the clients of your competitors as well.

Tip 4. Use Keyword Tools: Make use of keyword tools like Google Trends, Keyword Planner, or other SEO tools to find popular and trending keywords related to your industry. These tools can also suggest other relevant keywords that you may not have thought of. Remember always take the next step and think about news subjects that are relevant for those keywords then transform those into broader key phrases. That will make your news blog interesting, diverse and relevant.

Tip 5. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to tweak and change your key phrases from time to time. Monitor the kind of articles generated and the attention they’re getting. If they’re not getting the engagement you hope for, try adjusting your key phrases and see if the results improve.

Remember, the objective is to drive engagement and interest, so your key phrases should always align with the broad areas of interest your audience finds appealing not with what you are selling.

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