NewsGuru Key phrase selection and SEO

by | Jul 2, 2023

By Newsguru Founder – Marcie Terman

Key phrase selection is not like key word selection for a PPC campaign. With key words you are trying to target in on what people who want your goods and services are likely to be searching for, the purpose of key phrases is different. Key phrases for your NewsGuru account are meant to cast a net that is wide enough to pull more eyes onto your pages, even if those people are not immediately potential buyers. Key phrases are in the subject area of your potential audience, but not honing in on your business. As an example if you are a balloon sculpture artist looking to book parties through your website you might use a key phrase like party planning and event planning. Yes, customers are of primary importance, but bringing people onto your page increases the reputation of your website with search engines.

According to an article on 82% of websites are dormant. Active sites with fresh content added regularly rate higher in organic searches than dormant ones. Sites with growing numbers of visitors rate higher than ones that are sparsely attended. Repeat traffic rates you even higher. Every positive check moves you up the ranks in organic searches creating even more traffic for your site. This becomes a self-reinforcing positive loop.

In the next couple of days I’ll be unlocking the secrets behind the NewsGuru News Desk account. Big companies use this strategy to reinforce their domain authority. Now, this type of SEO strategy is an easy addition to your SEO strategy, exclusively available for NewsGuru subscribers.