Boost Your Infographics’ Impact: 40 Essential Submission Sites

by | Oct 15, 2023

Infographics have become a powerful tool for conveying complex concepts in a visually appealing way. However, creating an infographic is just the first step towards gaining a wider audience and recognition. Effective promotion is key, and infographic submission sites are instrumental in achieving this.

This article explores 40 such sites that can help promote your infographics and increase their visibility. These platforms act as gateways to larger audiences, backlinks, and the potential for infographics to go viral.

Mashable is a popular platform that accepts infographics related to social media, technology, marketing, current events, and entertainment. By submitting your infographic to Mashable, you can ensure exposure to a broader audience.

SlideShare is another notable site that allows free submission of infographics in PDF format. With its large user base, SlideShare offers an excellent opportunity to showcase your infographic to a wider audience.

Infographic Website is designed to help creators gain more visibility for their work. Their platform aims to make infographics easily discoverable and shareable.

All Infographics is another site that offers high-quality infographics for free, allowing you to gain exposure and potentially reach a larger audience with your creation.

To submit your infographic to these platforms, the usual process involves creating an account, establishing an album, and then submitting your infographic. Following the submission guidelines provided by each site is crucial to increase the chances of acceptance.

In terms of promoting your infographics, influencer marketing and blogger outreach have proven to be effective strategies. Tools like BuzzSumo and Mailshake are highly recommended for influencer marketing and outreach. Leveraging these tools can help identify and connect with influencers in your niche, increasing the likelihood of your infographic being shared by influential individuals.

Blogger outreach involves reaching out to relevant bloggers who may be interested in featuring your infographic on their blog. This strategy can generate backlinks and enhance the visibility of your infographic to a wider audience.

Infographic submission sites not only promote your infographic but also offer the opportunity to acquire valuable backlinks. These backlinks can improve your website’s search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your content. Selecting reputable sites with good domain authority is important to maximize the SEO benefits.

While some submission sites offer free options, others may require a fee for submission. Before opting for a paid submission option, carefully consider the potential benefits in relation to the cost.

Cool Infographics is an excellent platform for showcasing your infographic at no cost. With over 7,000 daily visitors and 300,000 monthly page views, Cool Infographics provides a significant opportunity for exposure.

Infographic Bee offers both free submission and an express review option for $9.95, allowing you to expedite the review process.

Infographics Journal provides three submission options: basic, express, and featured., another popular platform, offers a space to submit your infographic and gain exposure within its large community.

Submit Infographics and Directory of Infographics are two sites that require fees for submission. These fees may be worth considering if you are seeking quick exposure and visibility.

In addition to dedicated infographic submission sites, other platforms such as Behance and Revuwire can be used to showcase your infographic and earn backlinks.

Social media platforms also play a significant role in promoting infographics. Reddit, for example, hosts several subreddits dedicated to infographics, such as /r/infographics, which has over 160,000 members. Sharing your infographic on these subreddits can generate traffic and potentially make your creation go viral.

Flickr, known for its photo-sharing capabilities, can also be leveraged to showcase your infographics for free. With its large community of photographers and designers, Flickr provides an opportunity to reach a diverse audience and gain exposure for your infographic.

Promoting your infographics is crucial for maximizing their reach and impact. By utilizing infographic submission sites, influencer marketing, blogger outreach, and social media platforms, you can gain exposure, generate backlinks, and potentially make your infographic go viral. Choose the appropriate platforms and leverage these strategies to ensure that your infographics receive the recognition they truly deserve in today’s visually-driven digital world.