8 Simple Steps to setup your NewsGuru Account

by | Jun 25, 2023

Let’s get your NewsGuru account set up and your articles flowing! This straightforward guide will get you up and running in no time.

Step 1. Once you’re registered, kickstart the process by entering your website’s URL. If your site is still under construction, use a competitor’s URL or a site whose visitors match your target audience. Want to use autoposting? Just update your site details when it’s live.

Step 2. Watch our AI work its magic, analyzing your site and identifying your target audience. It will create key phrases that guide the types of news stories we generate for you. Aim to captivate your audience with content they find intriguing, not just promotional material.

Step 3. Prefer to use your own key phrases? Absolutely! Feel free to tweak the AI-generated ones. Don’t stress about getting it perfect on your first try – you can edit your settings anytime. There’s also a box where you can simply put into your own words in plain English the type of content you would like Newsguru to find. The model will read that information and use it to search for stories.

Step 4. Next, give your articles some personality. Choose a tone that aligns with your website’s vibe – ‘Professional’ works for most, but feel free to experiment.

Step 5. Choose your audience demographic. You can target posts at individuals, small businesses, or larger corporations. We recommend setting this to “All” unless you have a specific target.

Step 6. Geography isn’t about where your business is, but what your customers are interested in. ‘Global’ works best for most, but if you’re a small, localized business, feel free to focus on your home country.

Step 7. Lastly, select your preferred posting method. Autopost options include ‘Draft’ or ‘Publish’. ‘Draft’ lets you decide when to go live, while ‘Publish’ ensures a steady flow of content. ‘Library Posting’ lets you review your articles anytime and copy them into your CMS or create PDFs for distribution.

Step 8. All set! Start expecting those articles. Amplify your reach by linking published articles to your social media accounts (especially Twitter). Use relevant hashtags to draw attention. The more you post, the larger your impact. Before long, you’ll have a following eagerly anticipating your intriguing news – the perfect way to attract new customers!