Referrals Referrals empowers the 47.3m business owners worldwide who cite low web traffic as a critical problem In building their business. Newsguru’s Al learns about a business and what content is going to be meaningful to their audience.

Then, everyday the Al searches news feeds and the Internet for story ideas which it analyses and researches, just like a conventional journalist would do.

It then takes this information and crafts unique content that will enhance domain authority, increase organic search positioning and bring new prospects to the website.

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How the Newsguru Referral Programme Works


Create a Newsguru account to generate a referral link *

*This can be a free account.


Share the link via email, social media, Youtube or blogs.


Promote Newsguru account to generate ongoing revenue.

Value: Earn up to 25% ongoing for the life of the referred account.

Referral FAQ

How do I get paid?

Funds are transferred directly into your bank account in one of 130 currencies (supported by

When do I get paid?

Payment is made at the end of the month when you request a fund withdrawal. (Minimum withdrawal $5 USD)

How are referrals allocated?

The referral link that is used when the account is registered is the one that is credited with the client.

Are there any banners or other material I can use to assist in obtaining referrals?

Yes. Just set up your account and contact us at [email protected] with your requirement.